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Vol. 2 (2019). Chr. Kanellopoulos, Lissos. The Architecture of the Asclepieion

Χρύσανθος Κανελλόπουλος


Sixty years after the excavations at the Asclepieion of Lissos by Nicolaos Platon, the research program under the auspices of the Dept of Archaeology and History of Art in the NKUA, launched the systematic documentation of the architecture in the sanctuary.

The present volume attempts to explain the geological features and describes the in situ remains followed by a restoration of the architectural members that lie in the archaeological site. The setting of the sanctuary, the architecture of the temple and of structures adjacent to the temple (stoa, Building A, fountain), the phasing from the 5th century B.C. through the Roman period are documented thoroughly; the influence of the Alexandrian and Cyrenean architectural styles on the first rhythmic, Doric, temple on Crete is also explained systematically. The text is accompanied by two appendices which present monuments with Alexandrian architectural features from Herakleion, Polyrrhenia and Aptera, as well as by 49 plates.

ISBN: 978-618-84298-4-0 (print), 978-618-84298-3-3 (digital)

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