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AURA Supplements

Vol. 10 (2022). Metioessa - Studies in honor of Eleni Mantzourani PDF

Τόμος 9 (2022). Beyond Cyprus: Investigating Cypriot Connectivity in the Mediterranean from the Late Bronze Age to the End of the Classical Period PDF

Vol. 8 (2021). The transition from Late Bronze Age to Early Iron Age in Elis. THe case of Agios Georgios of Persaina PDF (Greek)

Vol. 7 (2021). M.W. Baldwin Bowsky, Lissos. Inscriptions found in Excavations of the Asklepieion PDF

Τόμος 6 (2021). Ι. Βοσκός, Η Αρχαιολογίας της Αποθήκευσης. Οικονομία και κοινωνική αλλαγή στην Κύπρο κατά την Κεραμική Νεολιθική και Χαλκολιθική Περίοδο PDF

Vol. 5 (2020). A. Vasileiou, Byzantine Glazed Pottery from Argos (10th – first half of the 13th century) Vol.1 (Greek) Vol.2 (Greek)

Vol. 4 (2020). KYDALIMOS. Studies in Honor of Prof. Georgios St. Korres Vol_1 Vol_2 Vol_3 Vol_4

Vol. 3 (2020). O. Kakavoyianni and N. Petrochilos, From the ancient cemeteries of Anavyssos PDF (Greek)

Vol. 2 (2019). Chr. Kanellopoulos, Lissos. The Architecture of the Asclepieion PDF

Vol. 1 (2019). E. Mantzourani and I. Voskos, Excavation at the Neolithic Settlement Kantou Kouphovounos in Cyprus. Part Β': The Moveable Finds Eleni Mantzourani and Ioannis Voskos Vol_1A (Greek) Vol_1B (Greek)